Visually pick depth of the discontinuities after CCP stacking

Before open an user interface, the file (*.npz) after CCP Stacking must be calculated, such as stack_data_3D.npz

pickdepth command will pick the depths of the Moho, 410km and 660km discontinuities from the CCP Stacking files.

usage: pickdepth [-h] [-d dep_min/dep_max] [-i index] [-s smooth] stack_data_path

User interface for picking PRFs

positional arguments:
    stack_data_path     Path to CCP stacked data

  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  -d dep_min/dep_max  Depth range contain target interface
  -i index            Specify starting index of bins
  -s smooth           Smoothing scale in km
  • -i Starting the picking from the specified bin.

  • -d Depth range contain target interface, Such as 25/35, 370/450, 620/700 for Moho(30km), 410km and 660km discontinuities, respectively.

  • -s Smoothing scale in km, such as -s 5 for Mantle Transition Zone

Open the user interface

pickdepth -d370/450 -s 5 stack_data_3D.npz

The window will open as following image. Users can press z and c hotkey or click back and next button for loading data in previous and next bins, respectively.

Main UI without any picks

Main UI for picking depth of d410

It shows the RF in the stacking Bin of NO. 577 at latitude: 49.14 and longitude: 102.48.

  • Bottom Middle Panel: The blue line is the mean stacked RF. The intervals between two dashed lines are the corresponding 95% confidence intervals after bootstapping.
    Green Line show the picked depth at this bin. Orange line show another possible depth.

  • Upper Panel shows RFs in the stacking bins along the Longitude.

  • Bottom Left Panel show RFs in the stacking bins along the Latitude.

  • Bottom Right Panel show number of RFs in the stacking bin at each depth.


  • Directly click the line on the interface to set the depth and it will become green. Logs Panel shows the depths you picked.

Main UI without any picks

Main UI with picked depth (green line)

  • Input the Bin Number and click Load in the Bin Location Panel

  • Click the right mouse botton in the middel panel to set the depth as NAN if the data is bad and you need delete it.

Main UI without any picks

Main UI without any picks

  • Save or ctrl+s to save the picked depths in a text file, which include following columns:

    Content of picked depths in the text file




    Latitude of each bin


    Longitude of each bin


    Depth of the target discontinuity at each bin

    Low CI

    Lower bound of confidence interval

    Upper CI

    Upper bound of confidence interval


    Number of RFs stacked at each bin