Hk package module, h, kappa, ev_num)[source]

Search best H and kappa from stacked matrix. Calculate error for H and kappa :param allstack: stacked HK matrix :param h: 1-D array of H :param kappa: 1-D array of kappa :param ev_num: event number :return:[source][source], isplot=False, isdisplay=False)[source], t0, dt, p, h, kappa, vp=6.3, weight=(0.7, 0.2, 0.1))[source][source], allstack, h, kappa, besth, bestk, cvalue, cmap=<matplotlib.colors.ListedColormap object>, title=None, path=None)[source], bestk, maxhsig, maxksig, print_comment=True)[source], ti0, dt)[source], eta_p, eta_s)[source], eta_p, eta_s)[source], eta_s)[source], axis=0)[source], rayp)[source]

seispy.hkpara module

class seispy.hkpara.HKPara[source]

Bases: object

property hrange
property krange