Calculate PRFs of the station CB.NJ2

Here, we provide an example for calculating PRFs of CB.NJ2, which is a permanent station at Nanjing China mainland.

Download Seismic data and configure files

Download link: ex-prf.tar.gz

unzip the file to any directory.

tar -xzf Data.CB.NJ2.tar.gz

the package include the seismic records of the station CB.NJ2 and configure files for calculating PRFs and H-k stacking.

The seismic records of CB.NJ2 were cut out from origin time of seismic events to 1000 s after the origin time, which contained the direct P wave and its conversion phases.

Run this example

Change directory to Data.CB.NJ2 then execute following command:

prf rf.cfg

As the rfpath set in the rf.cfg, run following command to virtual check PRFs use a GUI. See Virtual check PRFs with an user interface in detail.

pickrf ./RFresult/CB.NJ2

Estimate the Moho depth and the crustal Vp/Vs using the H-k stacking method

The PRFs had been saved to ./RFresult/CB.NJ2, and the CB.NJ2finallist.dat had been created via the virtual check. The Moho depth can be estimated using the the H-k stacking method.

The Seispy has provided a command hk to do this process.

usage: hk [-h] [-p] [-v] cfg_file

HK stacking for single station

positional arguments:
  cfg_file    Path to HK configure file

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -p          Whether to save the image
  -v          Display results to standard output

Prepare a configure file for hk

Here we provide an hk.cfg in this example. In this file, please specify input/output directories and some other parameters.

# Path to PRFs calculated before
rfpath = ./RFresult/CB.NJ2

# Path to Hk images output
hkpath = ./

# Path to the file that saves results
hklst =

# Range for searching H and kappa
hmin = 40
hmax = 80
kmin = 1.6
kmax = 1.9

# Constant value of the crustal Vp
vp = 6.3

# Weight of different phases
weight1 = 0.7
weight2 = 0.2
weight3 = 0.1

Run this example

hk hk.cfg -p

If -p was specified a figure would be generated to hkpath, which shows the stacking energy of difference phases and the final result of the estimation.


The result of the Moho depth and Vp/Vs were saved into the path of hklst(default is hk.dat).