Source code for seispy.para

from os.path import expanduser, join, exists, dirname
import os
import obspy
from import SACTrace
import glob
import configparser
from import Query
import re

def _load_station_info(pathname, ref_comp, suffix):
        ex_sac = glob.glob(join(pathname, '*{0}*{1}'.format(ref_comp, suffix)))[0]
    except Exception:
        raise FileNotFoundError('no such SAC file in {0}'.format(pathname))
    ex_tr =, headonly=True)
    if (ex_tr.stla is None or ex_tr.stlo is None):
        raise ValueError('The stlo and stla are not in the SACHeader')
    return ex_tr.knetwk, ex_tr.kstnm, ex_tr.stla, ex_tr.stlo, ex_tr.stel

[docs]class StaInfo(): def __init__(self): = '' self.station = '' self.stla = 0. self.stlo = 0. self.stel = 0. = '*' self.location = '*'
[docs] def get_stainfo(self): return self.__dict__
[docs] def load_stainfo(self, pathname, ref_comp, suffix): (, self.station, self.stla, self.stlo, self.stel) = _load_station_info(pathname, ref_comp, suffix)
[docs] def get_station_from_ws(self, server='IRIS', **kwargs): """Get station information from web-service with given network and station or other optional condition. Parameters ---------- server : str, optional Sever name of FDSN web-service, by default 'IRIS' """ self.query = Query(server) self.query.get_stations(, station=self.station,, location=self.location, level='channel', **kwargs) if len(self.query.stations) != 1 or len(self.query.stations[0]) != 1: raise ValueError('More than one station are fetched. Please set up stricter condition in query') self.stla = self.query.stations[0][0].latitude self.stlo = self.query.stations[0][0].longitude self.stel = self.query.stations[0][0].elevation
[docs]class RFPara(object): def __init__(self): self.datapath = expanduser('~') self.rfpath = expanduser('~') self.catalogpath = join(dirname(__file__), 'data', 'EventCMT.dat') self.pjtpath = 'rfpjt.pkl' self.cata_server = 'IRIS' self.data_server = 'IRIS' self.velmod = 'iasp91' self.offset = None self.tolerance = 210 self.dateformat = '%Y.%j.%H.%M.%S' self.date_begin = obspy.UTCDateTime('19760101') self.date_end = self.magmin = 5.5 self.magmax = 10 self.dismin = 30 self.dismax = 90 self.ref_comp = 'BHZ' self.suffix = 'SAC' self.noisegate = 5 self.noiselen = 50 self.phase = 'P' self.gauss = 2.0 self.target_dt = 0.01 self.time_before = 10 self.time_after = 120 self.freqmin = 0.05 self.freqmax = 1 self.comp = 'RTZ' self.decon_method = 'iter' self.wlevel = 0.05 self.itmax = 400 self.minderr = 0.001 self.criterion = None self.only_r = False self.rmsgate = None self.switchEN=False self.reverseE=False self.reverseN=False self.use_remote_data=False self.stainfo = StaInfo()
[docs] def get_para(self): return self.__dict__
def __str__(self): head = ['{}: {}'.format(k, v) for k, v in self.__dict__.items()] return '\n'.join(head) def _check_date_range(self): if self.date_begin > self.stainfo.query.stations[0][0].end_date or \ self.date_end < self.stainfo.query.stations[0][0].start_date: raise ValueError('The date range set does not overlap with' 'the date range of the fetched data') if self.date_begin < self.stainfo.query.stations[0][0].start_date: self.date_begin = self.stainfo.query.stations[0][0].start_date if self.date_end > self.stainfo.query.stations[0][0].end_date: self.date_end = self.stainfo.query.stations[0][0].end_date @property def datapath(self): return self._datapath @datapath.setter def datapath(self, value): if not isinstance(value, str): raise TypeError('datapath should be \'str\' type not \'{0}\''.format(type(value))) else: self._datapath = value # Temporary function. It will be removed after 2~3 versions @property def server(self): return self.cata_server @server.setter def server(self, value): self.cata_server = value @property def rfpath(self): return self._rfpath @rfpath.setter def rfpath(self, value): if not isinstance(value, str): raise TypeError('rfpath should be \'str\' type not \'{0}\''.format(type(value))) elif not exists(value): try: os.makedirs(value) except Exception as e: Warning('Cannot create rfpath of {0}\n with error: {1}'.format(value, e)) finally: self._rfpath = value else: self._rfpath = value @property def catalogpath(self): return self._catalogpath @catalogpath.setter def catalogpath(self, value): if not isinstance(value, str): raise TypeError('catalogpath should be \'str\' type not \'{0}\''.format(type(value))) self._catalogpath = value @property def criterion(self): return self._criterion @criterion.setter def criterion(self, value): if self.phase == 'S': if value == '' or value is None: self._criterion = None elif value.lower() == 'lab': self._criterion = 'lab' else: raise ValueError('criterion should be \'lab\'') else: if ''.join(sorted(self.comp.upper())) == 'LQT': self._criterion = None elif value == '' or value is None: self._criterion = None elif value.lower() not in ['crust', 'mtz']: raise ValueError('criterion should be string in \'crust\' or \'mtz\'') else: self._criterion = value.lower() @property def decon_method(self): return self._decon_method @decon_method.setter def decon_method(self, value): if value not in ['iter', 'water']: raise ValueError('decon_method must be in \'iter\' or \'water\'') else: self._decon_method = value
[docs] @classmethod def read_para(cls, cfg_file): cf = configparser.RawConfigParser(allow_no_value=True) pa = cls() try: except Exception: raise FileNotFoundError('Cannot open configure file %s' % cfg_file) sections = cf.sections() for key, value in cf.items('path'): if value == '': continue elif key == 'datapath': pa.datapath = value elif key == 'rfpath': pa.rfpath = value elif key == 'catalogpath': pa.catalogpath = value else: pa.__dict__[key] = value sections.remove('path') if 'fetch' in sections: for key, value in cf.items('fetch'): pa.stainfo.__dict__[key] = value sections.remove('fetch') for sec in sections: for key, value in cf.items(sec): if key == 'date_begin': pa.__dict__[key] = obspy.UTCDateTime(value) elif key == 'date_end': pa.__dict__[key] = obspy.UTCDateTime(value) elif key == 'offset': try: pa.__dict__[key] = float(value) except: pa.__dict__[key] = None elif key == 'itmax': pa.__dict__[key] = int(value) elif key == 'only_r': pa.__dict__[key] = cf.getboolean(sec, 'only_r') elif key == 'criterion': pa.criterion = value elif key == 'decon_method': pa.decon_method = value elif key == 'gauss': try: pa.gauss = cf.getfloat(sec, 'gauss') except: pa.gauss = [float(v) for v in re.split(' |,', value)] elif key == 'rmsgate': try: pa.rmsgate = cf.getfloat(sec, 'rmsgate') except: pa.rmsgate = None else: try: exec('pa.{} = {}'.format(key, float(value))) # pa.__dict__[key] = float(value) except ValueError: exec('pa.{} = value'.format(key)) # pa.__dict__[key] = value return pa